Saturday, March 22, 2008

Home one week and doing GREAT

This trip was SO much smoother than our first. We were all over jetlag in 2-3 days, Madison is sleeping through the night, everything is great. It's been a fabulous first week!

Yesterday, we spent a couple hours at the park. Dylan played on the playground with Daddy and Madison played in her pack 'n play while I knitted her some shorts.

We went to the zoo today for EggstravaganZoo. Dylan did an egg hunt and had a blast. Madison seemed to enjoy strolling around the zoo. We only stayed 2-3 hours, as it was naptime/lunchtime and the kids were falling asleep. They both slept all the way home, plus some.

Dylan is going back to school Monday. Daddy will be home another week, then he goes back. Maddie and mommy have another 2 weeks after that for bonding before she goes to school and I go to work. We may do a couple half days at school during that time to get her used to it.

She's SUCH a happy baby. Always laughing and smiling. Well, not ALWAYS. I mean, she does cry sometimes, but when she's not crying, she laughing. All you have to do is smile at her and she laughs. It's so cute. See? I just tested it out and she laughed!

Anyway, the adjustment seems to be going almost TOO well, but I'm not complaining. She's happy, we're happy, Dylan's happy. It's all good! Here are some new pictures.

Oh, and I don't know why the right side of all my pictures is cut off. If anyone can tell me how to fix that, I'd appreciate it!


Sherri said...

I am so glad everyone is doing so well! She sounds like she is such a good baby. I love all the photos, especially the one with Dylan's bunny ears! said...

The kids are gorgeous! Looks like Madison's face cleared right up? Addison had that same wicked skin when she first came home (never diagnosed as anything other than eczema but it looked JUST like your pics of Madison) and she has never had an issue since. It was just super hard for her to adjust to the Michigan winter after living in Vietnam all her life. Hopefully that will end up being true for Madison too! Dylan is such a cute bunny! :) His longies are to die for! Glad you are all settling right in!

Waiting for my daughter said...

Just wondering if I can ask you some agency questions, but no idea how to email you. (considering switching my agency)
New England Parent to be

Stephanie said...

Post your email address and I'll email you.