Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's NOT scabies

We went to the International Adoption Clinic at Vanderbilt's Children's Hospital today. Madison has acropustulosis. It's not contagious, but it is recurrent and very itchy. She also has a bacterial infection on her scalp and face, making it worse. She's on antibiotics for the infection, steroid cream for the acropustulosis and benedryl for the itching. Her skin should clear up in a week or so. Her face is almost raw and feels like sandpaper. It's horrible. We feel so bad for her!

They also drew 10 vials of blood (that was a nightmare) and did a chest x-ray for TB. She's in the 55th %tile for weight and 66th for height on American charts!

We are almost back to normal sleep times. We've been waking up at 4am, but that's not too far off schedule. Madison only wakes up once a night for a bottle, and sleeps 10 hours. Nana babysat most of the day while we took Maddie to the doctor, then she watched both kids while we picked up our new washer (YAY!!) and finished putting up the laundry from the trip. We're now completely unpacked and almost back to normal! We're looking forward to some down time to bond and play with the kids.


Susan said...

So glad you know for sure what the problem with Madison's skin is. Now it's sure to get better quickly with the right medicines. Poor little thing -- I'm sure she's been miserable with an itchy face. I also know it's hard for the parents, too.

Happy to hear everything is getting back to normal. That was really fast! Enjoy your time with your babies.

Sarah said...

I'm glad they know what it is and how to treat it. Poor little thing, it looks so painful.

Love the pic of you holding both your "babies". Life is good!

medea said...

I love the picture of the 3 of you! Hope Madison's skin clears up soon.