Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A wise woman once said...

"Babies can't always tell the difference between hunger pains and gas pains. Feeding them may make things worse." So before bed, we gave Madison some gas drops. Guess who slept through the night. Yep, Madison (and mommy and daddy and Dylan). We all slept 12 hours!! We really needed that sleep! Thanks Mom, for the advice! I'm so glad I packed those gas drops.

We're excited about coming home. We decided not to upgrade to business class. It's just too expensive. Because of where we're sitting (bulkhead, which is reserved for families with infants for the bassinet), there may be extra seats around us. Chris and I will only be one seat and an aisle apart, so it won't be too bad. And if there are extra seats, Dylan could have his own, which would be nice. 48 more hours until our flight leaves Vietnam!

We want to go see the water puppets tomorrow. We've heard they are a must-see while in Hanoi. We missed them last time, so we want to catch them this time.

(no new pictures-we haven't really done anything since the last post)

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