Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I shouldn't have counted my chickens before they hatched. We were supposed to have Madison's visa today. There was a problem with their 'printer' and we didn't get it. But our travel partner got her baby's visa (which is good since they're leaving tomorrow). Luckily, we have one more day to pray for her visa to come. If we don't get it tomorrow, looks like we'll be staying in Hanoi a little longer. They say the delay has nothing to do with her paperwork and it's just the printer. But why can one visa be printed and not another? Needless to say, we're worried.

We did enjoy our day, though. We took a cab to the lake and walked around the mall. That area of town is definitely for tourists. The mall is 4 stories. The lake area is beautiful. There was a light breeze that felt SO good.

On a happy note, my washing machine that stopped working the day before we left for Vietnam has been replaced! We ordered a new one through my work discount program (saved $450!!!) and dad is going to pick it up, install it, and remove the old one for us. It will be nice coming home to a new washing machine, rather than a broken one!

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