Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March 5, 2008 Hello from HCMC!

We're here! The flight was great-neither baby cried. They both sat on MY lap the whole flight (1.5 hours) and did great. I think Dylan's starting to realize Madison is staying with us. He's getting more clingy and starting to regress a little (wanting his own bottle, which he hasn't had in a year!). We were expecting this, though. It's not a big deal. Overall, he's doing really well. Madison is incredibly clingy. We can't put her down for 2 seconds without her screaming. That's ok, too, though. She needs us and we have to show her that we'll always be there, which means answering EVERY cry right now. There's no such thing as spoiling a baby.Our hotel here is AWESOME! We're right across the street from a huge store for our grocery needs (milk for Dylan, formula, diapers, chocolate for me, you know-the essentials). We have a super nice room on the 9th floor and can see the city from our room. One whole wall is windows. A couple of the higher windows open a tad bit, but it's way too hot for open windows! It's probably around 90 with 200% humidity. Luckily, the room has a nice AC!We're off to go swimming in the pool!

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