Friday, February 29, 2008


(this is copied from when I tried to post it several hours ago)

That's where we are RIGHT NOW. We're at the Sandy Beach Resort in Danang. It's breezy, around 65 degrees, and oh, we have our own private bungalow. Yeah! It's amazing. The bungalow is actually a bit smaller than our room last time, but it has a private entrance, private patio, and we're on the BEACH. That would be China Beach. It couldn't get better than this! Oh, but it does. We're meeting our daughter in 16 hours!! We'll get to spend a couple hours with her tomorrow morning, then get her for good on Monday afternoon.

So let me back up to the beginning (this is going to be long). The flight to LA wasn't too bad. We only slept 30 minutes each, but it was only a 4-hour flight. Of course, after an hour in the international terminal (which is in HORRIBLE condition-exposed insulation, no ceiling tiles, etc.), Dylan had his first meltdown. It was completely expected, since it was around midnight our time and he hadn't been to sleep. So he laid in the floor, screamed as loud as he could and nothing could calm him. I held him and sang to him and he finally calmed down, though.

The LONG leg (14 hours) from LA to Taipei was great. He didn't cry one time. He slept 8 hours (4 hours at a time) and was just a happy little boy the rest of the time. He watched movies, played with his new favorite car (a blue Lightening McQueen from grandma) and looked out the window. He loves looking out the window.

The layover in Taipei was short and they had an awesome playground. I won't be too upset if we have to stay longer on the way back, since there's something to keep them entertained. It's also the most beautiful airport I've ever seen. Tons of live plant scenes. I'll share pictures later, but I got a ton at that airport!

The last leg (Taipei to Hanoi) was easy. Dylan slept in my arms the entire 3 hours. In Hanoi, we met our travel partner (a single mom and her 8-year-old daughter, adopted from China). Our facilitator met us at the airport and flew with us to Danang. We had first class tickets and I don't know if I can ever go back to economy! Ok, I can't afford first class all the time, but wow-it's incredible. Fully-reclining seats, tons of leg room, wider seats. Too bad the flight was only an hour!

Once in Danang, we came straight to the Sandy Beach and settled in.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Here we go!

We're leaving today! The last few days have been filled with booking flights, making arrangements for animal care, PACKING, etc. We're extremely excited and can't wait to get this going!

We've talked to Dylan quite a bit about Maddie, but started talking to him last night about getting on an airplane. He got really excited. LOL. He LOVES airplanes. I can't wait to see his face at the airport!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


We're going to Vietnam! FINALLY! I'm still not sure what exact date we're leaving, but our G&R is March 3 (11 days away). They want us to leave on 2/29, but we've requested to leave 2/26 instead, since their proposed timeline only gives us 1 day in Vietnam before the G&R. We wanted a few days to adjust, and get Dylan adjusted.

Now that I've announced that, let me rewind a few days and tell you what a horrible week it's been.

Sunday, I spent several hours setting up accounts in Quicken for our new business (not yet Later that night, I went to turn on my computer and got this error: Operating system not found. I tried everything. Couldn't get it to work.

Monday, we get up like any normal day and head to work together (Chris and I carpool). At lunch, we go to Best Buy and drop off the computer. They immediately knew the problem-hard drive failure. The computer is only 7 months old. Luckily, I backed up most of my files 10 days ago, but all of the business stuff was lost, as well as a spreadsheet that was really important to the business that I'm not sure I can recreate.

Monday around 3pm, Chris called and said he felt really sick and needed to go home early. I left and picked him up and we went home. That night, he developed a fever. He NEVER gets sick. Dylan was also up half the night coughing. So Tuesday, I took a vacation day to take care of my boys.

Tuesday morning, I turned on Chris' computer (since mine was getting a new hard drive). It wouldn't come on. At all. I thought, could this get any worse?? I finally decided it must be a power plug issue, since it wasn't even coming on. That's when I had a little meltdown. Chris' fever was up around 105 at this point, Dylan was starting to get sick, both of our laptops had died, and we still didn't have a travel date. That evening, I called the doc on call and he said to be at his office at 8am sharp.

Wednesday morning, we went to the doctor. Chris had the flu. And it wasn't looking promising for Dylan and me. He put all 3 of us on Tamiflu. At noon, I took Chris' computer to Best Buy to see if a new power plug would solve the problem. Nope. Of course it couldn't be that easy. His motherboard was fried. And the computer was 3 years old and NOT under warranty. So I bought a new computer. I went back later that night to pick up both computers (I had them install some stuff on the new one).

Did I mention Wednesday was my birthday? I cried several times. It was turning out to be the worst birthday ever. We were all sick, we had to buy a new computer, we didn't have our travel date. It was just a sucky day.

Until about 9pm. My cell phone rang and I recognized the area code as coming from our agency. I put it on speaker and we got the news that it was time to go! So it turned out alright after all. I have a nice, new computer to take to Vietnam. Chris has my old (7 months old) computer with a brand new hard drive, and I didn't lose TOO much data.

Unfortunately, Dylan had a fever all night around 103, so he's getting sicker. Hopefully we'll get him well by next week!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Still no travel date

Due to Tet, our G&R hasn't been able to be scheduled. They don't want us to travel until it's scheduled. Supposedly, Tet is over today, so maybe we'll get a travel date before the weekend. I'm also waiting on updated measurements to make sure I take the correct clothing size. Last time, Dylan's clothes were falling off of him (silly of us to think an 8-month-old would be wearing 6-9 month clothes!).

So, no news yet, but we're still hopeful for a quick travel. By my birthday would be great. But that's only a week away. We'll see.

Oh, and my SIL who was going to go with us, then couldn't go because she broke her knee, then was going again because we were so delayed she healed, is not going again. She has misplaced her passport and there's not enough time to get a new one and order her visa. So it looks like it's just Chris and Dylan and me.

Speaking of Dylan, he's doing great. He's fully recovered, eating chips again and running around. It's great to see him so healthy. I just hope he doesn't get the flu before we go. It's running rampant in our town, and half his class was out due to it the week he was out for surgery!

For your viewing pleasure:
trying to see the choo-choos on his diaper:

sleeping on mommy:

just being cute:

claiming the peanut butter as all his own (because we won't be eating it now!):

"Here Daddy, try some!"

Loving his frog Aunt Tessi brought him in the hospital:

Playing with Pepper:

Mommy playing with her new camera: