Monday, January 22, 2007

Things are great!

Tomorrow will be a month since we've been home. Time flies! Today is the beginning of my 3rd week back at work. Most days, he goes to daycare after a few hours. I keep him home with me for breakfast (he has oatmeal), his bottle, and sometimes his nap.

I think he likes daycare. He gets to play with other babies his age. He's wearing shoes for the first time in his life today. We went out last night and bought some, so he'll get used to walking in shoes. He's taking up to 5-6 steps at a time now. It's so cute. He gets really excited and throws his head back, loses his balance and falls. It's funny. He has such a great personality. He's happy most of the time, laughs a lot, and makes the cutest noises. We're just SO happy to have him and we love him so much. The initial week or two was rough, but now that we're settled in to a good routine, it's been nice.

Here are a couple new pictures of my little man.
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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Settling in

We've been home 2 weeks now. Things are much calmer. Dylan started sleeping on a regular schedule a couple nights ago, and just in time-we're going back to work Monday. I'm going to try working from home and keeping him here for a while, but I have daycare on standby if it doesn't work out.

He took his first steps on Monday! It was great. He's done it several times since, but never more than 2 steps. He'll be walking in no time. He's an amazing little boy and I'm so thankful he came into our lives.