Wednesday, May 23, 2007


We're officially DTV (dossier to Vietnam). Our dossier was authenticated and sent to Hanoi yesterday. Once it's translated and logged in, we'll be officially able to receive a referral.

I had a weird feeling the other day. I'm not one to have premonitions or things like that, but I got a strong feeling last week (around May 15) that we're getting twins. Crazy, huh? Yes, we're approved for twins, and we'd love to have them (as scary as it sounds), but it's quite rare in Vietnam. In fact, our agency has been placing children for 1.5 years and has never placed a set of twins. We are open to a girl, or boy/girl twins, or girl/girl twins. As long we get at least one girl. Most likely we'll get our one girl, but I just thought I'd throw that out there.

No change in the referral estimation. It will probably be around September (unless we get twins-that could happen earlier because we'd skip ahead of people on the list that are not approved for 2 babies).

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LaLa said...

CONGRATS!!! Hey, twins would be fun...better get a really big stroller : )