Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dossier is complete

We got our dossier done and sent to our agency. After a little hiccup with our homestudy (after it was certified and with our agency), we had to go back today and certify a new copy. So it should be on its way to the embassy for authentication next week.

Also, we got fingerprinted today. Ours are good for a few more months, but we know they (and our 171) will expire before traveling, since we've had them since last summer, so we went ahead and applied for a new 171. Which meant new fingerprints (you know, because fingerprints can change SO much in 12 months-lol). That's all the news for today!

Oh, have I mentioned the issue we've been dealing with over Dylan getting bit at daycare? He was bit 7 times in one month (6 by the same kid) and they were not doing anything about it. So we switched daycares. There's a lot more to it, but I don't feel like going into it. Anyway, he started the new daycare last Wednesday. Thursday, he got bit 3 times. Monday, once. Today, once. What in the world?!? I've talked to lots of other moms and no one gets bit this much. It's just not normal. It's normal to get one or two bites while in this age range, but 2-3/week?? Really?? My poor baby. Even the no-chew bitter apple puppy spray isn't working to keep the vampires off of him.


Michelle said...

OMG, poor guy! I'd have huge issues with that too. Angelica has been in 2 different daycares and I finally gave up. It's so hard. Congrats on your dossier!!!

Laurie said...

Hey, just found your blog. We're with the same agency! Congrats on completing your dossier, and sorry to hear about Dylan having such delicious skin. I hope it turns the vampires anyway!