Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Still no travel date

Due to Tet, our G&R hasn't been able to be scheduled. They don't want us to travel until it's scheduled. Supposedly, Tet is over today, so maybe we'll get a travel date before the weekend. I'm also waiting on updated measurements to make sure I take the correct clothing size. Last time, Dylan's clothes were falling off of him (silly of us to think an 8-month-old would be wearing 6-9 month clothes!).

So, no news yet, but we're still hopeful for a quick travel. By my birthday would be great. But that's only a week away. We'll see.

Oh, and my SIL who was going to go with us, then couldn't go because she broke her knee, then was going again because we were so delayed she healed, is not going again. She has misplaced her passport and there's not enough time to get a new one and order her visa. So it looks like it's just Chris and Dylan and me.

Speaking of Dylan, he's doing great. He's fully recovered, eating chips again and running around. It's great to see him so healthy. I just hope he doesn't get the flu before we go. It's running rampant in our town, and half his class was out due to it the week he was out for surgery!

For your viewing pleasure:
trying to see the choo-choos on his diaper:

sleeping on mommy:

just being cute:

claiming the peanut butter as all his own (because we won't be eating it now!):

"Here Daddy, try some!"

Loving his frog Aunt Tessi brought him in the hospital:

Playing with Pepper:

Mommy playing with her new camera:


Susan said...

Awww, I keep coming back to see if you've received travel news. I hope it's within the next few days, because I know you guys are way past ready to go get your sweet girl. Sorry to hear about the SIL not being able to travel with you. I'm sure everything will be fine regardless. Dylan is still one of the cutest little boys I've ever seen!

Teresa & Norm said...

Hope you get that travel date by the weekend!!! Holding onto hope right along with you. Can't wait to hear more!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Steph!
I hope the travel news comes soon, and so glad Dylan is feeling better!