Thursday, February 21, 2008


We're going to Vietnam! FINALLY! I'm still not sure what exact date we're leaving, but our G&R is March 3 (11 days away). They want us to leave on 2/29, but we've requested to leave 2/26 instead, since their proposed timeline only gives us 1 day in Vietnam before the G&R. We wanted a few days to adjust, and get Dylan adjusted.

Now that I've announced that, let me rewind a few days and tell you what a horrible week it's been.

Sunday, I spent several hours setting up accounts in Quicken for our new business (not yet Later that night, I went to turn on my computer and got this error: Operating system not found. I tried everything. Couldn't get it to work.

Monday, we get up like any normal day and head to work together (Chris and I carpool). At lunch, we go to Best Buy and drop off the computer. They immediately knew the problem-hard drive failure. The computer is only 7 months old. Luckily, I backed up most of my files 10 days ago, but all of the business stuff was lost, as well as a spreadsheet that was really important to the business that I'm not sure I can recreate.

Monday around 3pm, Chris called and said he felt really sick and needed to go home early. I left and picked him up and we went home. That night, he developed a fever. He NEVER gets sick. Dylan was also up half the night coughing. So Tuesday, I took a vacation day to take care of my boys.

Tuesday morning, I turned on Chris' computer (since mine was getting a new hard drive). It wouldn't come on. At all. I thought, could this get any worse?? I finally decided it must be a power plug issue, since it wasn't even coming on. That's when I had a little meltdown. Chris' fever was up around 105 at this point, Dylan was starting to get sick, both of our laptops had died, and we still didn't have a travel date. That evening, I called the doc on call and he said to be at his office at 8am sharp.

Wednesday morning, we went to the doctor. Chris had the flu. And it wasn't looking promising for Dylan and me. He put all 3 of us on Tamiflu. At noon, I took Chris' computer to Best Buy to see if a new power plug would solve the problem. Nope. Of course it couldn't be that easy. His motherboard was fried. And the computer was 3 years old and NOT under warranty. So I bought a new computer. I went back later that night to pick up both computers (I had them install some stuff on the new one).

Did I mention Wednesday was my birthday? I cried several times. It was turning out to be the worst birthday ever. We were all sick, we had to buy a new computer, we didn't have our travel date. It was just a sucky day.

Until about 9pm. My cell phone rang and I recognized the area code as coming from our agency. I put it on speaker and we got the news that it was time to go! So it turned out alright after all. I have a nice, new computer to take to Vietnam. Chris has my old (7 months old) computer with a brand new hard drive, and I didn't lose TOO much data.

Unfortunately, Dylan had a fever all night around 103, so he's getting sicker. Hopefully we'll get him well by next week!!


Heather P. said...

I am really sorry to hear that everyone is sick. I do hope that you are feeling better now.

Yea!!!!! for the travel date!!! Can't wait to hear when you get home!!!!!!!!!

Shere' said...

Hi, I'm so happy for you. You have been so patient! I'm sorry to hear that you had a crappy birthday, but it will just make next years seem so much better. We're waiting for our I-600 approval so we will live vicariously through you. I can't wait to follow your travels.

B said...

Yay! Wishing you safe, healthy and uneventful journey!

R and A said...

Yay!!!!!! Congratulations!!!
You guys have been waiting sooo long and now it's finally time to go get your little girl!!!!
Have a great time!!

I am so sorry to hear about all the horrible stuff going on! :(
Things have really started to look up tho! ;)
Happy Belated Birthday!

Susan said...

Really sorry to hear about all the troubles, but very happy to hear you received TA. Not much longer now and you'll be holding your precious daughter. I hope you get to arrive in VN a few days early. It really would be great for all of you to get settled in a bit before all the excitement starts.

Teresa & Norm said...

I sure hope you guys are all well and chipper for your flight next week!!! I am so excited for your travel. Hope you keep posting from VN because I can't wait to see what I have to look forward to!!!!

abc123vn said...

I hope everyone feels better before you leave for Vietnam! What a great day to be able to go and get your baby girl!