Saturday, June 03, 2006

Still waiting

We got Chris' passport last Friday. We're still waiting on CIS approval. And now we're hearing the wait time between approval and referral has gone from a few weeks to 'up to 6 months' though it should take less time than that. I don't think there's any hope of getting Dylan this year. I'm pretty upset about that. In the long run, a month or two is no biggie, but when it comes to the adoption tax credit, it could mean a whole year that we have to pay interest on the money we're borrowing for the adoption.

The yard sale is tentatively set for July 8. We had to keep pushing it out because my parents never have a free weekend, and it's at THEIR house!

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HawkOwl said...

Oh, how aggravating. :( I hope it doesn't take that long. Knowing you, your dossier is gonna be impeccable, so at least that's not gonna be slowing you down. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. :)