Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's going to take FOREVER!!

We're #59 on the list. Most of those want girls, but there are 'at least 20' ahead of us asking for boys. And that's just with OUR agency (CHI). There are some 20+ agencies licensed for adoptions in Vietnam. And that's just in the US! Crap! I'm never going to get my son.

I've started a protocol to prepare my body for induced lactation. It's amazing that I may be able to breastfeed our son without ever being pregnant! We're really excited about it. And scared. It's a lot of work (birth control pills, other drugs, herbs, lots of pumping), but it will be worth it if it works. This extended protocol takes about 6 months, which I'm sure we have, but it has the highest success rate. Of course, we may still have to supplement with formula, but some breastmilk is better for him than none! And it will help with the bonding and attachment issue, which is critical with adopted children. We have to do things a little different with Dylan than most would with a bio child. We can't let him 'cry it out' because he will have experienced abandonment. We can't use a stroller much (we'll use slings and carriers) because he needs to attach to us and learn we're his parents. There's such a fine line between attachment parenting and spoiling the kid. I think that will be hard for us.


Nicki said...

That's so great that you are inducing lactation! We are hoping to be able to nurse as well. I think you might be surprised at how quickly the list goes down. I have heard how long other lists are - 30ish isn't bad for a girl! :-)

EDW said...

There is so much support for attachment parenting out there now - and don't even worry about spoiling. You'll know the right things to do, you won't even come close to spoiling. Just listen to yourself and not your mom's generation! There's some great sites out there - have you seen