Friday, November 14, 2008


I forgot about my blog. So sorry! Does anyone even read this? Please leave a comment if you do. Otherwise, I may just stop blogging.

I'm thinking about taking a new direction with the blog. It was started to document the process of our adoptions. Now that those are complete, it has morphed into an 'about the kids' kind of blog. I may expand that to talk just about life in general. Is that ok? I think my only reader is Aunt Pat, and I'm sure she won't mind. ;)

So Maddie had her 15-month well-child visit yesterday. She's 23.5 pounds, 30" tall and NOT well. Much to my surprise, she has an ear infection. Again. I had no clue, as she's had no symptoms. But lo and behold, she was crying in her sleep all night and now she has a fever. So she's staying home and cuddling with mommy today. Dylan was none too happy about that. HE wanted to stay home and cuddle with mommy, too. But mommy has to work, and that's going to be hard enough with one baby here.

Speaking of work, I'm just praying I still have a job through the year-end. It's been a mess for about 2-3 months now and I still don't have answers. See, the position I'm in is a training type of position for new analysts. I was promoted into the position 2 years ago and it was supposed to last about 2 years. Well, at my last review, my boss said it's about time to move onwards and upwards. Only his suggestion was a swap with someone in a position below me. Um, ok...but will they be changing said position to my level?

In the meantime, another analyst position was posted, so I applied. I interviewed for it and the interviews went well. But they wanted to talk to other candidates as well, and I was being pushed to decide on the swap offer. My boss said if I didn't take the swap, they would be posting it and I'd have to apply and compete for it. So my choices were: back out of the posted role and accept the 'guaranteed' position (it was approved to change to an analyst position) or take my chances and risk losing BOTH positions. Well, since we really can't afford to lose my income, I backed out of the posted position and accepted the swap.

Well, last week, I asked if I should start training the guy who is taking my position and vice versa, and I was told they're trying to decide what to do. HUH? I thought this was a done deal. Nope, they may be reorganizing that department and may be eliminating that position. does that mean I stay in this position and the other guy gets laid off, or he gets my position and I get laid off?? Dunno yet. I feel like I'm being pushed out. Pushed to decide to take a job that may not even exist anymore. Great. Just freaking great. Until we get our tax refund and pay down the adoption debt, money is realllllllly tight. So tight, in fact, that I don't know how or what the kids are getting for Christmas.

In brighter news, the business ( is doing really well. Sales slowed down with the economy, but we're still hanging in there and staying busy. Every weekend is full of embroidery work for Chris and I'm constantly knitting. My customs list is booked out to next May. Granted, I only make about $1/hour knitting, but I can do it in the car on the way to work (Chris drives), sitting in the waiting room at the doc, laying in bed, etc. And I really enjoy it. It's a great hobby for me, since I have constantly have my hands busy and have to constantly be multi-tasking. I just can't do only one thing at a time. Never have. So normally, I'm watching TV, checking the computer (email or one of the many boards I post on), knitting and talking to the kids.

Speaking of the kids, other than the current ailment, they're doing great. They're both happy, healthy and adjusted/adjusting well. Maddie is our little drama queen and Dylan's the independent one. He wants to do everything by himself and wants to help us with everything. They're both such great kids.

Halloween was fun. Dylan was a pirate and Maddie was a flower. We went to 3-4 houses to trick-or-treat, and also went to H'ween in the Park and Boo at the Zoo. I love the holidays and can't wait for Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I read your blog and found it through DS when you first started it. I enjoyed reading about your journey to Maddie.


Heather said...

I have been following your blog since your Journey to Dylan in 2006. I was very excited to also follow your Journey to Maddie. I am still reading.I would love to hear more about your everyday life but know how hard it is to post with 2 little ones. I also have 2 toddlers from Vietnam.I hope you don't decide to stop your blog.

Susan said...

Of course I still read your blog, and I was so happy to see that you posted again. Please keep it up. I love that so many of my friends have blogs, because that's how I'm able to keep up with everybody. Glad to know the family is doing well. That really stinks about the job situation, and I'll pray that that turns out well for you.

Julie said...

Heck, I still read your blog too! I love to hear how the kids are doing. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I remember you from 3 years ago on I still check in on your blog from time to time to see how you are doing. I'm glad you posted.

Teresa Steel said...

LOL - I forgot you had a blog!!! But I am checking it again - you should have reminded me!! Anyway, I get the scoop face to face usually, but I like seeing the pics.