Thursday, October 25, 2007

Possible delay

I'm trying not to lose it here. As you all know, the wait between referral and travel is approx. 3 months. We're almost 2 months into the wait, so a month from travel. Probably closer to 5-6 weeks away.

USCIS just announced yesterday that there will be a change to the processing of adoptions in Vietnam. Instead of going there and filing the I600 and having 2 interviews with USCIS in Vietnam, parents will have to file before going. This will incur a 60-day wait. It's effective Nov. 1. So if we don't travel before then (which we won't), we'll have to file our I600 now, and wait at least 60 days.

This is SO not fair. It's going to affect dozens of families with referrals who are waiting on travel. I'm waiting to hear more from my agency on how to proceed. I have the form ready, but even if I file now, we won't be going this year, probably.

My baby is sick. She has a bad case of scabies. She's so young, and so miserable (I'm sure-because of the scabies) and I just want to get to her ASAP. All this red tape crap that changes with no notice is NOT cool. I don't know if I should write my senator, start a petition, wait it out, or what. I'm really distraught over this and trying not to get too upset until I know more.

We have one of the best facilitators working for our agency. Please pray/send good thoughts/whatever that he can make this happen quickly and our adoption won't be delayed.


LaLa said...

Believe me...I feel you on waiting...I have been logged in almost a year with nothing to show for it. I think in the long run this change is for the better but wish they had "grandfathered" in those with referrals already.

Carissa said...

While this change may be a great change, I think that the people it hurts the most are those in your position, I hope that things are sped up for those in your position.

your staff said...

I love you all and I am keeping you present in my thoughts constantly. Your little girl is very loved from across the big wide world, but angels will watch over her until you can.