Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Yard sale

We decided not to use that parking lot for our sale. Although the traffic would be great, putting it together would be a logistical nightmare. We can't take the stuff ahead of time, so we would be making several trips the morning of the sale. We couldn't just drop it off and go back for more-one of us would have to stay with it. And the driving from where we're keeping everything to this place would take hours for all the trips we'd need to make. So, we're having it at our own house, on a Friday and Saturday. Sept. 22-23. Anyone who is local (family) and would like to help, please do! We're going to need lots of help. Amazingly, we have MORE for this sale than the last one. The stuff keeps pouring in (which we're so grateful for) and it's going to be a lot of work. Between now and then, we're going to bring the stuff over to our house a little at a time, make sure everything is priced, and just store as much as possible in the garage. But it almost fills a 2-car garage right now. This is going to a great sale. We were going to make this the last, but since there's SO much (and over half of it wasn't in previous sales), we'll probably save it for another sale in October or next spring, before we get Dylan.


Jennifer said...

If you want to go ahead and put the cinema light boxes on EBAY I can try to get them to you on Sunday evening... Please let me know if it is too much trouble to go through! I don't mind. At that point maybe you can look at the other stuff I have gathered and we can talk about the logistics of getting the other stuff together. I saw a BIG LOTS sale paper today and there is a talking training potty for $20. You record something on it yourself! Is this crazy or cool? I can't tell. I think there was also a booster chair and a toddler car seat thing that were on sale... I think I have to work the weekend of the big sale, but maybe I can do something else for you? Let's brainstorm.

Debbie said...

My heart goes out to you - all you have been through on the fertility journey and now the wait on the adoption one. May I ask why you do not try IVF before going to adoption?

Stephanie said...

The reason I didn't try IVF first was because IVF is $15k, with no guarantees. Adoption is $25k and you eventually get a baby. I couldn't afford to do both, and I wanted that guarantee of a baby. I wish there was a guarantee on the time, but at least I KNOW I'll get a baby at the end of this.