Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I'm not sure what it is about adoption, but I noticed something today. I was never one to say things like, "God showed me that adoption was what I was meant to do," or "God led me to Vietnam." Yet, I've heard myself saying (and meaning) these very things lately. Even just the past few days, I've felt myself grow closer to God and my faith grow stronger.

When I was TTC (which JUST ended yesterday, so it's not like it's been that long), I was angry and thought God was punishing us for something. But now I feel like this whole journey was part of His plan. When we finally have our child, I will appreciate him/her more than anyone ever could who accidentally got pregnant, or didn't have to really 'try.' (Before anyone flames me, I'm not saying I will love my child more than others who didn't have to work for it, I'm just talking about appreciation.) I will realize every second is a gift from God and I can't say I would've felt that way had I gotten pregnant 16 months ago. And I also think there's a very special child that may or may not already be in existence that was made just for me. I never thought I would be traveling halfway around the world to meet that child, but I guess we never know God's plan, do we?

There's my deep thought for the day!

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Toni and Erin said...

Steph... I have to tell you... your post today was such a blessing to me. AND it was something that I can totally and completely relate to! Toni and I were in a similar position in January, beginning the adoption process and doing all of our research. And, in a similar way, we were just "drawn" to Brazil and really felt (feel!) convicted in our hearts to look there for our son our daughter. I am so excited that you are starting on this amazing journey, and I can promise you that Toni and I will be praying for you every step of the way!

I pray for peace, wisdom and many OPEN DOORS now as you start on the paper-trail.

Blessings on you both!

Love, Erin